About This Event

Founded in 1936, the Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club has earned a reputation for organizing fine fishing tournaments. With over 80 years of experience hosting our intra-club tournaments it is safe to say that the MRMTC knows what makes a fishing tournament great. In addition to our member only tournaments, for 40 years the MRMTC has been hosting its wildly popular OFFSHORE OPEN every August, giving non-members a glimpse into what the Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club is all about.

In late 2017 the MRMTC's tournament committee took notice of the growing popularity of bluefin tuna fishing off the New Jersey coast. With more and more of these fish coming back to the docks coupled with relative short distance from shore made this increasingly robust fishery accessible to boats of all sizes. In June of 2018 the first MRMTC BLUEFIN OPEN was born.

This first of its kind in tournament for New Jersey was designed so that entrants of all skill and experience levels could compete in boats of almost any size. In its inaugural year, entrant boats ranged in size from 24ft center consoles all the way up to 70ft sportfishers, and everything in between. A level playing field where experience, determination and a little bit of luck are the primary factors in success.

The Club has paid particular attention to our entry fee and Calcutta structure so that boats of all budgets can enter and be competitive. The Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club prides itself of throwing a first-class event for both participants and spectators. We put a heavy emphasis on our captain's meetings, weigh-ins and awards party's that are unrivaled in this area. Our generous sponsors donate great prizes and support, all lending to an enjoyable event for all involved. So, regardless if you are lucky enough to make it to the leaderboard, you can expect a fun experience either way.

If you are new to tournament fishing or a seasoned veteran, the Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club would like to invite you to "fish the original". Welcome to The Bluefin Open.

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June 5 - June 9, 2024